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InMotion Personal Hosting Review by Mark Albrecht

Mark Albrecht's Rating of InMotion Hosting: Poor
Mark Albrecht wrote us a negative review of InMotion Hosting.
Mark's Review was posted on: 01/09/2023
Here is his InMotion Personal Hosting review:

I signed up with InMotion hosting a year ago for a website idea I had. I joined with their plan I could only afford which was $3 a month and was forced to pay for 24 months in advance, strike one. Not good. It took me 6 months to pay off my $72 charge. I'm broke.

My second problem, I was trying to sell some cheap trinkets and things on my site and found out I need something called SSL to take credit cards. InMotion doesn't provide SSL on this "cheap plan" and they wanted me to upgrade to the business plan that I can't afford. I don't like that my host has squashed my idea and did a bait and switch. I didn't read the personal hosting page well I guess, I did not notice this.

I expect a lot for my $72 probably unrealistic. There's lots of hidden limitations that get me frustrated. Like someone send me a 3MB picture and I didn't get it. They only allow 2MB attachments. Are you kidding me? I had to use gmail.

They also only backup your site wekly vs daily on their too-expensive-for-me plan.

Look, if you can afford it, go business hosting. Their service is great as far as outages (there is none) and appear stable stable stable. Don't get this limited POS personal crap.

I just looked at their business plan, those customers even get to host multiple websites under one plan. It is just a way better value, take it from me.

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