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InMotion Hosting ReviewsInMotion HostingStarts at $39.95/Mo
InMotion HostingMemory Starts @ 256MB
InMotion HostingBurstable Memory Starts @ 1 GB
InMotion HostingDisk Space Starts @ 40 GB
InMotion HostingBandwidth Starts @ 500 GB
InMotion HostingFree cPanel Included
InMotion HostingLeading 90 Day Guarantee

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InMotion VPS Hosting Review by Stephen Osborn

Stephen Osborn's Rating of InMotion Hosting: Excellent!
Stephen Osborn wrote us a positive review of InMotion Hosting.
Stephen's Review was posted on: 03/05/2023
Here is his InMotion Hosting Virtual Private Servers review:

At first punch, I signed on with InMotion Hosting at the prompting of my brother. He had been with them for more than a year and really liked what they could do for him. I took the initiative to join him and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier with myself.

I don't know what their process is for hiring their customer service people, but I want to borrow it. They seem to have assembled a nice group of people that are fully capable of complimenting their great VPS hosting service.

I have never, for one second, questioned the reliability of the service. From day one when I chose the Virtual Private Server, InMotion Hosting has been there for me. It's a really nice changeup from what you normally see in this business.

The price is pretty competitive when you compare it to some other companies. I have always felt pretty good about what I was receiving for my dollars.

Setting up an account was a breeze for me, and I am certainly not a computer expert. I just knew what I wanted and got my account going. It helped because I had a need for my site to run right away.

Overall, it is very close to being a "10". The InMotion cPanel Linux VPS hosting is really top of the line. I would recommend it to any of my buddies, just as my brother did for me.

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